#BCSIN = Baja California Sur Info Network = Conglomerate of Baja enterprises - is a endity made up of numerous, occasionally unrelated enterprises, small and midsize businesses consulted/advised by seasoned Baja experts and native offering reliable liaisons to unlimited Baja California entrepreneurial opportunities. To prevent depending on a specific brand for revenue, conglomerates indicate corporate development through diversity.
There are various types of conglomerate.

Mixed conglomerate
A mixed conglomerate is one that has certain market similarities among its operations. Although firms might not compete directly, features of the markets they service may be related. Because their markets are more aligned than in a pure conglomerate, this can give an ideal opportunity for information exchange across firms within the conglomerate.

Pure conglomerate
A pure conglomerate is one in which the firms have nothing in common. Each firm added to the conglomerate serves its own market and has little in common with the others. This can also lead to increased chances for businesses to collaborate and assist one another, since the enterprises can bring distinct value to one another.