So, Infotheque, huh?? What’s an infotheque anyway?? We came up with the name as a mix of Information and Discotheque or in other words: Info and Entertainment. We’ve seen names like “infotainment” before but only on TV in a similar mix, so maybe leaning in that direction, at least as much as it will be possible to provide entertainment with a website.
What is the Baja Infotheque Network about? It is actually NOT a website about Baja in general - we will use this internet platform for general Baja California news and announcements yet the main function is to act like a hub, like for example the Chicago-O’Hare International Airport or LAX International Airport. Their function is to distribute incoming passengers to domestic flights and we want to “distribute” you to Baja. Sounds funny - we know, yet there is some thought behind it. Actually several - which proves on top that we can multi-task!! :-)

If you, as an interested potential Baja visitor search for Baja, Baja California, Baja Sur, BCS or Baha Mexico you will get a huge load of search results. But be honest, if you browse them,how many actually satisfy what you were looking for?? How many of the Google results bring you to websites that offer you Baja Real Estate, the best Baja Deals, the most outstanding investment option etc.?? Hey, do your own search on that - we don’t want to comment on that…..

The next thing - besides landing on pages with content that is “tweaked” to the “red hot” Baja Real Estate market are many websites loaded with advertisement in form of banners, little squares, flashing and blinking trying to lure you in and if you click one with “the most incredible” baja offers you will end at another "super Baja deals" website.... again.

We at the Baja Infotheque Network - and many of the connected network websites - display advertisements also. Advertisements are an import tool for local business to offer their services to website visitors and plain and simple, advertisement creates income for the website operator.

No, nobody will get rich off of it yet it helps to reduce the cost of running a website. But we also believe it should be up to the visitor of a page to decide if he wants to go to see a promotion and most important — the web page should be about a Baja related topic and not created to “lure” you with some marketing and strategically placed advertisement!

Getting back to the “hub” thing. You will find all our Network connected Baja Information websites on this page have a brief description and of course the link to it. We appreciate your usage of the network and hope to satisfy your Mexico BCS info needs.